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Ali Baba and the Thieves

#3-6 #розважальна
  • Duration 70min
  • Cost 50-80uah
  • Age 5+

Mysterious exotic music and dance performances will take you to beautiful Persia. You will find yourself engulfed by fragrances of oriental fruit and seasonings under the hot desert sun. And what if you had a chance to visit the cave harbouring incredible wealth and treasures? It is extremely important not to lose sight of or lose your head to this beauty and colours. Will the protagonist be able to put his honesty, sincerity and generosity to test? Will he be able to discard gold coins for the real treasure that love is?

Playwright: Volodymyr Smyekhov
Director: Olena Syerova-Bondar
Decorator: Ihor Pogrebniak
Choreographer: Oleksandr Plakhotnyuk
Composer: Vyacheslav Polyanskyi

The play premiered in 2005.

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