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Festive Dreams

#art #з перекладом #сімейна сцена 3-103

From St. Roman’s Day to the Epiphany Day

A play for the entire family: aged 3 to 103

The night that all the kids look forward to so much is nigh! Svyatko and his sister Dzvinka are hyped about gifts and other festive niceties they are looking forward to. Finally, after going to their beds, the children suddenly notice a bright ray of light and immediately follow it. In a few moments, Svyatko and Dzvinka find themselves transported into a fairy-tale dream universe, where incredible adventures await both of them and where they will have to prove their savvy, courage and love for each other. In exchange, the children will get magic gifts that will stay with them forever.

The performance is filled with national symbols and motifs, carols and a wonderful holiday mood.

Playwright: Marta Guryn
Director: Yana Tytarenko
Decorator: Uliana Kulchytska

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