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How The Notes Composes a Song

#бейбі сцена 0-3 #музична
  • Duration 45min
  • Cost 200uah
  • Age 0+

Created with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

We invite children and parents to dive into the fairy-tale world of sounds and colors. Here live the mother G-Clef and her children – colorful notes.
Each note has its own motive and certain color.
They have been fast asleep, but here comes The Mother and starts waking them up and introducing to the audience to fill the world with magical melodies and make it more colorful. But the notes need some help – the children’s singing, dancing, and games! And what if a note gets lost and its motif remains unheard? Would it be possible to complete the song harmoniously?
The answer to this question is to be sought by both the audience and the characters together, by playing games and putting together the mosaic of colors and sounds.

The play is inclusive – it implements the principles of accessible and open theater and is designed for children with Down’s Syndrome.
Creating a full-fledged inclusive space on the stage is supervised by a professional psychologist. All the masters involved in the show are consulted All the masters involved in the show have been consulted appropriately.

The inclusive type involves:
– All children, including those with Down’s Syndrome, are invited to participate in the play
– Equal treatment to all participating children
– The masters have been trained and got the communication skills with all children
– The play was designed taking into account the environment perception specifics of the children with Down’s Syndrome

Remember that children with Down’s Syndrome have their own specifics, but they behave exactly like all children. Children with Down’s Syndrome are often said to have physical or mental disabilities and be very different from other children. Thus, they happen to be in forced social isolation. However, there is no reason for that. Studies suggest that the common negative idea about people with Down’s Syndrome is based on myths and stereotypes.

We draw your attention that this baby show combines interactive entertainment with educational and developmental components. Not only are children offered a game, but also attention exercises, exploring, and observation. And our masters will make sure that everything is going in a fun and inspiring way!

The play is aimed at children aged under 3 years. If your children are over 3 years old, we recommend visiting our other performances designed for the appropriate age or family viewing.

Directed by Mykhailo Urytskyi
Artist – Elyzaveta Selytska
Composer – Tymur Polyanskyi

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