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Our Merry Little Round Bun

#3-6 #розважальна
  • Duration 60min
  • Cost 60-100uah
  • Age 3+

Everyone knows that old good tale about the Little Round Bun and its trip to the forest. And what if this time the Bun finds a friend who will help it stay out of trouble? Then all the threats faced by our young protagonists will turn into thrilling adventures. Join our Merry Little Round Bun, meet his new friend and spend a time of your life in the fairy-tale forest!

Playwright: Hryhoriy Usach, based on a folk tale
Director: Olena Syerova-Bondar
Decorator: Oksana Rossol
Composer: Vyacheslav Polyanskyi
Choreographer: Oleksandr Plakhotnyuk

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