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The Rag. One evening at the bomb shelter

#доросла сцена 16+
  • Duration 100min
  • Cost 250uah
  • Age 16+

Comedy drama with stand-up elements

Based on acting improvisations

An ordinary bomb shelter and five strangers who came there to sit through an air raid. Everyone is different, everyone has a personality – someone changes the shoes, someone sprays around with a disinfectant, and someone even brought a window to the shelter to wash it up!
Suddenly, it turns out that the basement, in which our heroes hid, has its own secrets, which must be revealed in a mission to save yourself and the world from something evil. But for every evil thing there will be its “good charms”, because Ukrainians have a secret superweapon – strong, sincere humor. 

Talking, quarreling, conflicting, joking and entrusting the most secret, the heroes of the play overcome the unpleasant demons and bring Victory over evil closer.

Authors of the play:

Andriy Bondarenko is a playwright

Yana Tytarenko is a director

Inessa Kulchytska is an artist

The age limit for the play is 16+ (the play uses obscene language)

*”The Rag” takes place in a real bomb shelter – on the stage in the basement of the theater. The entrance is located at the Honty street, 8


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