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Snowmen and the Sun

#3-6 #розважальна
  • Duration 50min
  • Cost 50-80uah
  • Age 3+

Snowmen and the Sun is a charming winter story for the entire family. Snowmen family are having a great time in the winter cold, and the last thing they want is for the Sun to come up and melt them down. This is why they set out on a dangerous trip through the forest to persuade him not to come back. Will they be able to negotiate with the Sun? Will the animals they meet on their way agree with that? Find out how this unusual trip of little creatures ends and help them learn an important life lesson.

Performance time includes an intermission.

Playwright: Oleksandr Veselov
Director: Oleksandr Kutsyk
Decorator: Tetiana Ulynets

The play premiered in 2010.


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