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Where’s our Fifth Kid?

#розважальна #розважальні 3-5
  • Duration 50min
  • Cost 60-100uah
  • Age 3+

Isn’t it wonderful when there are a lot of kids in the family? The Hen and the Cockerel are expecting no less than five chicks to hatch soon! However, the last chick seems whimsical and, apparently, takes its time. Neither admonitions, nor the pecking seems to help break the solid shell. What is it missing? Parents are in despair and try all the ways to persuade their kid to hatch and even seek help from neighbours. Find out if Mom and Dad will understand what the little chick really wants.

Performance time includes an intermission.

Playwright: Borys Aprilov
Director: Oleksandr Kutsyk
Decorator: Tetiana Ulynets



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