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With a Wave of a Wand

#3-6 #перевірена часом #розважальна
  • Duration 50min
  • Cost 50-80uah
  • Age 3+

Perhaps, everyone has had that moment in their life when they wished a miracle to make all their problems and turmoil disappear. Khoma, the youngest son in the family, a brave and kind boy, has always dreamt of something of that kind, too. Especially since his life was never too easy, and Gavrylko, his elder lazy brother, made things even worse by teasing and bringing up false accusations against him all the time. However, one successful fishing trip did turn Khoma’s life around in a dramatic way.

Performance time includes an intermission.

Playwright: Marko Kropyvnytskyi, based on a folk tale
Director: Oleksandr Kutsyk
Decorator: Tetiana Ulynets
Composer: Vyacheslav Polyanskyi


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