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Hanna Vynarchyk


Hanna’s involvement with the Theatre started in 2010, and she has delighted audiences with grappling and high-quality roles ever since.

In 2006, she graduated from the Lviv Public School of Culture and Arts, and, in 2010, from Lviv Franko National University, where she studied at the Department of Acting and Theatre Studies of the Culture and Arts Faculty.

Her roles include:

Little Red-haired Hedgehog – Crow;

The Cunny Fox Pup – Bunny;

Dr. Powderpill – Foxy, Owl, Bunny;

Mykyta the Fox – She-wolf, Receptionist, Lamb;

The Mystery of the Little Forest Dweller – Little Girl;

Nibbly-Quibbly the Goat – Old Woman, Bunny;

Golden Chick – Fox.

Hanna finds her inspiration in children, knowledge, stage partners, directors, music, singing and dancing!

She believes that the puppet theatre is a very special place, because puppetry leaves enough room for any fantastic plot twists. Actors can make puppets become invisible, transform or fly and offer a surprise even to adults.