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Olga Popovych
Старша контролерка квитків

Senior Supervisor

Olga joined the Theatre team as a ticket-taker back in 2007. She now works as a Senior Supervisor and loves her job as much as ever. She believes that the Theatre is a special and wonderful world in which pretty much everything is extraordinary!

She studied at the Lviv Film College, after which she started working at a cinema rental in Berdyansk. The early years of her career overlapped with the era of the transformation and changes in the cultural and social environment. “Theatre and cinema have always been a reflection of human condition, our past and existing state of things, they gave and continue to give us not only a sense of aesthetic pleasure, but also make us think about life,” says Olga.

Olga Popovich has two main rules for life:

– A smile is the best remedy for everything!

– Making a mistake is not nearly as scary as drawing wrong conclusions from it!