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Roman Babala
Запрошений актор


Mr. Babala (b. on August 17, 1948 in Lviv) is a graduate of the Lviv School of Culture (1996). Since 1966, when he joined our Theatre, the actor participated in almost 80 plays and created about 200 roles.

His signature roles include:

The Night before Christmas – Scribe;

Ride the Tide – Vasyl;

Ali Baba and the Thieves – Chieftain;

Two Lions – Leo, Dark Knight;

Pinocchio – /пропущено/

The Dyed Fox – Bear;

A Horseshoe for Luck – Bear, Wolf;

With a Wave of a Wand – Khoma, Havrylo

Little Red Riding Hood Revisited – Wolf, host, etc.

In Mr. Babala’s words, he draws inspiration from his audiences and stage partners so that each of his roles is a sort of transformation and a stepping stone in his lifelong career.