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Vasyl Kovalskyi


Vasyl has worked for the Lviv Regional Academic Puppet Theatre since 1996.

He studied at Kyiv Karpenko-Karyi National University of Theatre, Cinema and Television.

His roles include:

The Enchanted Glove – Old Man, Wolf, Cockerel;

Colourful Milk – Clown, Cow, Goose;

Boogie Man – Clown;

Rim-Tim-Ti – Daddy Bear;

Two Lions – Bear, Dark Knight;

The Road to Bethlehem – Lion, Joseph;

The Golden Chick – Wolf;

Pinocchio – Artemon, Basilio the Cat;

Taras – Cossack;

The Recovered Puppet – Telephone, Plastic Bag;

Snowman and the Sun – Crow, Bear;

Baba Yaga’s Apprentice – Baba Yaga;

The Foxy Who Wanted to Become a Bird – Goose;

The Magic Grain – Ant;

Ali Baba and the Thieves – Cassim;

The Dyed Fox – Piper;

The Three Little Pigs – Wolf;

A Horseshoe for Luck – Old Man, Fox;

Wicked Safety Match and Pinocchio – Cat, Match;

Fierce Enemies – Hedgehog;

Vasyl was also involved in the UTOS project recording fiction audiobooks.

In his words, he draws inspiration from people around him, audiences, life in general, and situations that happen to him.