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Vyacheslav Kurylko
Актор-ляльковод-провідний майстер сцени

Lead Stage Actor

Vyacheslav has been involved with the Lviv Regional Puppet Theatre since 1977.

Vyacheslav Kurylko graduated from the Kharkiv Kotlyarevsky Institute of Arts with a qualification of Puppet Theatre Actor.

Between 1975 and 1977, he worked at the Licurici Republican Puppet Theatre in Moldova. Subsequently, he returned to Lviv, where he has been active since 1977.

He has been involved in a variety of productions, including:

The Road to Bethlehem – Master, Ape;

The Cherry Orchard – Taras, narrator;

Foxy, Kitty and Cockerel – Kitty;

The Golden-horned Deer – King;

The Recovered Puppet – Boot, Cleaner, Garbage Monster;

Two Lions – Prince Leo, Wolf;

Where’s Our Fifth Kid? – Cockerel, Donkey and a number of other roles.