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Nibbly-Quibbly the Goat

#музична #розважальна #розважальні 3-5
  • Duration 60min
  • Cost 60-100uah
  • Age 3+

Once, one very cunning Goat got taken in by an extremely kind and caring family, where she was loved by everyone dearly. However, it was the master of the household who took the best care of her. Things would have worked perfectly well, were it not for Nibbly-Quibbly! Despite the care the family surrounded her with, the Goat kept tricking, deceiving and misbehaving with her masters. The crooked Goat ended up being taught a lesson. Come see our show to learn what lesson exactly it was.

Playwright: Volodymyr Gusti, based on a Ukrainian folk tale
Director: Oleksandr Kutsyk
Decorator: Oksana Rossol
Composer: Vyacheslav Polyanskyi

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