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Oleksandr Dovgan


Originally from Kherson, Oleksandr Dovgan joined the Theatre team as an actor in 2017. He trained as Mass Event Director at the Kherson College of Culture and at the Department of Practical Psychology and Directing of the Kherson Public University.

Between 2009 and 2011, Oleksandr worked for the Kherson Academic Puppet Theatre.

His roles include:

Mischiefs of Mykyta the Fox – Fox;

The Mystery of the Little Forest Dweller – Khokhlyk;

Festive Dreams – Nicholas;

Little Round Bun – Bear;

Puss in Boots – Jacques;

Foxy, Kitty and Cockerel – Animator, Fox Pup, Hare;

The Foxy Who Wanted to Become a Bird – Dog;

Ali Baba and the Thieves – Thief;

Nibbly-Quibbly the Goat – Old Man, Bear;

Snowman and the Sun – Magpie, Bear;

Two Lions – Dark Knight, Bear;

Additionally, Oleksandr runs his own project Dovganshow Event Organization and hosts a variety of events. His motto is “Everything will be fine.” His inspiration comes from children’s sincere eyes and smiles.