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Maryana Bovtsailo
Акторка-ляльковод провідний майстер сцени

Senior Puppet Artist

This charismatic actress joined the Theatre in 2004 and continues to make audiences happy with her enthusiasm to this day.

Mariana studied at the Lviv Public School of Culture and Arts with a major in Theatre Arts and received the qualifications of Puppet Theatre Actor and Teacher of Vocation-related Subjects.

During her time with the Theatre, Maryana has earned a reputation as a great employee, who loves her work, and a generous and cheerful person who comes to your rescue when you need it most!

Up to now, Maryana has played the following roles:

Funny Stories of the Puss – Crow, Cuddly Little Cat;

Robocop’s Adventures – Little Elephant, Giraffe the Geographer;

Bear Cub Rim-Tim-Ti – Bear Cub;

The Little Straw Bull – Young Woman, Bull;

With a Wave of a Wand – Princess, other characters;

A Horseshoe for Luck – Animator, Granny;

Ali Baba and the Thieves – Maid, Fatima;

The Three Little Pigs – Nuf-Nuf;

Snowman and The Sun – Squirrel, Bunny;

Two Lions – Starling, Foxy;

Foxy, Kitty and Cockerel – Mouse, Little Mouse;

Puss in Boots – Cook;

Boogie Man – Bear, Clowness;

Mykyta the Fox – Peasant, Bear;

Our Merry Little Round Bun – Granny, Fox;

The Enchanted Glove – Old Woman, Mouse, Foxy;

Little Red Riding Hood Revisited – Granny, Mother;

Fierce Enemies – Dog Kiki

“Making a puppet come alive in your hands is the top of your game in the theatre, and becoming a great partner for my colleagues is what I aim for and what I’m going for,” says Maryana.

Her motto is “The sky is the limit! Remember, tomorrow may be never coming!”

In 2015, Maryana Bovtsailo obtained qualification in the area of Audio Description of Visual Works, so now she has the opportunity to comment on performances for visually impaired children and adults.