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Mykhailo Viks
Актор-ляльковод-провідний майстер сцени

Lead Stage Actor

Mykhailo started his artistic career with the Lviv Palace of the Pioneers, at the Pinocchio Puppet Theatre. In 1986, he graduated from the Dnipro Public Theatre School where he obtained the qualification of Puppet Theatre Actor. Between March 5, 1986 and 1995, he worked as a support actor for the Lviv Academic Regional Puppet Theatre. Between 1995 and 1998, Mykhailo studied at the Kharkiv Institute of Arts graduating as Puppet Theatre Director. In 1999 – 2000, he worked for the People, and Puppets Theatre, where he played a number of notable roles and produced the Christmas fairy tale The Magic Night as a director. Over time, Mykhailo’s creative trajectory brought him back to the Lviv Puppet Theatre in 2000, where he works until today.

His plays and roles include:

Colourful Tails – Neighbour;

The Magic Overshoe – Fook the Hedgehog;

Why the Wolf Had Its Tail Torn Off – Bad Wolf;

Gosling – Little Hedgehog;

Funny Bear Cubs – Grandpa, Top;

Grandfather Frost – Stepmother, Santa Claus, Bear

Nibbly-Quibbly the Goat – Wolf, Bear;

Well, Just You Wait! – Wolf Hooligan;

Two Greedy Bear Cubs – Brother Bear

In addition, Mykhailo was involved in the creation and operation of puppet theatres and children’s theatre clubs in the pioneer camps of Lviv Region, where he played different roles in a number of performances: A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed (Hedgehog, Watch Dog), Gosling (Little Hedgehog), Sister Olenka and Brother Ivanko (Step Mother, Witch), The White Rose (Witch Helper), The Adventures of Pinocchio (Karabas-Barabas), and Rudyard Kipling (Little Elephant). Furthermore, Mykhailo acted as a director and staged the play The Gigantic Turnip at his school, in which he played the part of the Old Man.

The Young Stork and the Scarecrow – Old Stork;

The Young Fairy – Goran Woodcutter, Gobbledygook the Wizard, Granny Magpie;

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi – Nagaina;

How a Cossack Taught a Lesson to the King – Omelko the Cossack, King, General, Court Medic;

The Frog Princess – Prince Stepan, Koschei the Immortal;

A True Story about a Car Trip to the Forest – Wolf Cub, Baba Yaga;

A Tale of Emelian the Fool – Emelian the Fool;

The Dyed Fox – Bear, Wolf, Sirko the Dog;

The Little Humpbacked Horse – Johnny the Fool;

Sembo – Monkey Chaqwa, Crocodile;

Burning Sails – Pachomius the Shaggy;

The Steadfast Tin Soldier – Evil Troll;

Ms. Foxy and Mr. Wolf – Mr. Wolf;

Wild Swans – Minstrel (Animator), Young King;

A Gift from Kosice – Doggie, Doctor, Janek and Gulliver;

Johnny-Honey – Baba Yaga;

Robocop’s Adventures – Robocop;

Two Lions – King Lion;

With a Wave of a Wand – Gabriel, Father, King;

Taras – Chumak, Deacon, Taras;

Mom for a Little Mammoth – Uncle Walrus, Lion;

The Three Little Pigs and the Grey Wolf – Wolf, Nuf-Nuf;

The Little Straw Bull – Merchant, Bunny;

Puss in Boots – King, Ogre;

The Recovered Puppet – Disposable Cup;

Fierce Enemies – Daddy Dog, Hooligan Wolf;

Funny Stories of the Puss – Chimney-sweeper Theophil Smokey;

Mykhailo’s motto – “Create a wonder for viewers and surprise them with puppet theatre” – is inspired by the immediacy, joy and curiosity of his young audiences.