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A Horseshoe for Luck

#art #освітня #сімейна сцена 3-103
  • Duration 50min
  • Cost 100-120uah
  • Age 5+

Based on Ivan Franko’s characters

It may be ever so difficult to overcome one’s laziness! When the Baby Donkey doesn’t want to work, he’s ready to go great lengths to avoid responsibilities. One day, he runs away from his Grandparents to the forest. However, the freedom he wanted so badly didn’t come without a price tag! Will this difficult journey teach our protagonist to appreciate work and his family?

Playwright: Volodymyr Danets, based on a tale by Ivan Franko
Director: Oleksandr Kutsyk
Decorator: Inessa Kulchytska
Composer: Mykola Salo

Premiered in 2013

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