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Two Lions

#з перекладом #розважальні 3-5 #ширмова
  • Duration 45min
  • Cost 60-100uah
  • Age 4+

In times bygone, King Leo (meaning “Lion” in Latin), son of King Daniel, lived and reigned over both banks of the Poltva River. Close by, another Lion – the king of beasts – ruled the woods. But then dark times befell a once peaceful kingdom. The Dark Conqueror King came to enslave the realm. He destroyed and burned everything in his way. Will the two Lions – King Leo and Lion King – succeed in plucking up the courage, valour and grit it takes to overcome this terrible power? Will peace and harmony return to their land again?

Playwright, Composer: Alla Sirenko
Director: Oleksandr Kutsyk
Decorator: Tetiana Ulynets

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