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Little Riding Hood. The Red.

#онлайн #освітня #сімейна сцена 3-103

New version of the well-known Charles Perrault’s tale «Little Red Riding Hood» interpreted by playwright and director R. Neupokoev.

Already adult, Little Red Riding Hood, went to visit her Granny. The route took her through the forest full of new, exciting things. She meets the Hare, the Fox, the Mole, and the Sparrow, that become her travel mates. But their journey happens to be longer than they expected. So many adventures await Little Red Riding Hood and her new friends. Will she still be able to meet her Grandma?

Scriptwriter and director – Ruslan Neupokoyev
Artist – Vira Zadorozhnya
Composer – Eugen Stolyar

The play premiered in November 2019.

Adult and children tickets must be purchased separately
Please come to the show on time.

The video version of this play is available on our website in the section “PERFORMANCES ONLINE”.

Also, this and our other performances are available for viewing on the international streaming theater platform Dramox.


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