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Slava Kurylko
Акторка-ляльковод-провідний майстер сцени

Lead Stage Actor, Assistant Director

Slava has been involved with the Theatre since June 1972, when she started her first job as a support actress.

Even as a school student, she was part of a puppet club at the Builders’ Club in Lviv. After graduating from the 10th grade of the boarding school, Valeria Mykolaivna Luhanska, manager of the Firefly Theatre School, recommended her to the management of the Puppet Theatre, after which Slava started her career as an actress.

While working for the Theatre, Slava graduated from the Leningrad State Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinema (now St. Petersburg State Institute of Performing Arts), where she enrolled in 1990, and, after a year and a half, she transferred to the Puppet Theatre Department of the Kotlyarevsky Institute of Arts in Kharkiv, which he graduated in 1995.

Her roles in plays include:

The Recovered Puppet – Crow, Encyclopaedia;

Festive Dreams – Mara, Carollers;

The Road to Bethlehem – Piglet, Mary;

The Cherry Orchard – Mother, narrator;

The Golden-horned Deer – Storyteller;

Foxy, Kitty and Cockerel – Foxy;

Two Lions – Bunny, Constance;

Where’s Our Fifth Kid? – Hen and others.

“I’m happy to work here, in the puppet theatre, I create for it, I live it, and I keep discovering things that are new to me!” says Slava Kurylko.