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The Mystery of the Little Forest Dweller

#art #сімейна сцена 3-103
  • Duration 45min
  • Cost 100-120uah
  • Age 3+

The charmed world of little forest dwellers is similar to ours in many ways and is populated with both good and bad creatures. While one of them doesn’t mind freezing a young girl, the other goes out of his way to save her. Will the little girl, lost in the winter forest, find help to escape the advancing snowstorm? And will she learn to tell truth and sincerity from hypocrisy and flattery? Find out what is really important and essential in life and what is just mischief and pastime with our Little Girl.

Performance time includes an intermission.

Playwright: Serhiy Kovalyov
Director: Volodymyr Pidtserkovnyi
Decorator: Karina Tchepurna

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