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Khrystyna Havrylyuk
Акторка-ляльковод-провідний майстер сцени

Honoured Actress of Ukraine, Lead Stage Actor, Assistant Director

Khrystyna Havrylyuk, Honoured Artist of Ukraine, has been involved with the Puppet Theatre since 2002 and has been Assistant Director since 2005. The actress graduated from the Lviv Public School of Culture and Arts with a major in Folk Arts and gained the qualification of Cultural and Leisure Event Manager, Director of Theatrical Folk Festivals and Events. She is also a graduate of the Rivne Public Humanitarian University with a degree in Cultural Studies.

Khrystyna Havrylyuk is involved in the plays Ali Baba and the Thieves, Taras, Boogie Man, Golden Chick, Snowman and The Sun, I Love You, Daisy, Mystery of the Little Forest Dweller, etc.

Khrystyna also runs a variety of cultural events and various art-related projects, including Mini-Miss and Mini-Mister Ukraine.

The actress works as a choreographer with the Rodzynka Model Ensemble operating at the Lychakivsky District Children’s Arts Centre, as well as with the Leopolis Cabaret Theatre on the premises of the Officers’ Club.

Khrystyna plans to continue to learn from the experience of European puppet theatres, expand her repertoire and that of the Theatre, and improve her acting skills.

Khrystyna’s motto is “The sky is the limit!” She has this to say about her work: “By offering the audiences the artistic beauty, sincerity and talent earned with hard work, I see the happy eyes of children and their parents, full of trust, who offer me gratitude, happy laughter and applause in return… It is such a happiness to be there for them!”