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The Mischiefs of Mykyta the Fox

#освітня #сімейна сцена 3-103
  • Duration 50min
  • Cost 60-100uah
  • Age 3+

What do you do when you don’t have the bear’s power or the wolf’s strength, when you don’t have enough food or money, and life in the woods takes strength, courage and endurance? Mykyta the Fox knows the formula of success: first, you need to stay on the move, and secondly, use not only your intelligence, but also your ingenuity. This is how you leave hardships behind and become the winner in any difficult situation. “Where there is confidence and persistence, there is no room for despair,” quoth wise and cunning Mykyta the Fox.

Playwright: Yaroslav Yarosh
Director: Volodymyr Pidtserkovnyi
Decorators: Oksana Rossol, Oleksandr Serhiyenko
Composer: Mykola Salo
Choreographer: Kateryna Pogorielova

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