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Inessa Kulchytska
Головна художниця

Senior Production Designer

Inessa joined the Theatre’s staff soon after her graduation from the Odessa Theatre Arts School (Puppet Department) in 1990.

In 1992, she took up the position of Production Designer, where she produced a variety of plays, including The Dyed Fox, The Giraffe and the Rhino, The Foxy Who Wanted to Become a Bird, and Naughty Dorotheus, while the play she helped produce – Rim-Tim-Ti – was awarded the grand prix at a major Polish puppetry festival.

Between 2008 and 2016, she operated as a freelance artist, and her productions of this period include The Cherry Orchard (Lviv Regional Puppet Theatre), My Thoughts, My Melancholy Thoughts (based on Taras Shevchenko’s poem) (Rivne Academic Regional Puppet Theatre), Forest Song (based on a piece by Lesya Ukrainka) (Rivne Academic Regional Puppet Theatre), and Cinderella (Volyn Regional Academic Puppet Theatre).

Her Cinderella, produced by the Rivne Academic Regional Puppet Theatre, was nominated in the category Best Stage Design at an UNIMA congress.

In 2018, her production The Golden-horned Deer staged by the Lviv Academic Regional Puppet Theatre won an award in the category Best Stage Designer at the Ukrainian National UNIMA Competition. The Golden-horned Deer also won the Best Stage Design award at the East-West Festival in Krakow, Poland.

Inessa Kulchytska also took part in exhibitions Puppet Theatre Artists in Kyiv and Khmelnytsky.

In 2018, Inessa graduated from Kyiv Karpenko-Karyi National University of Theatre, Cinema and Television with a B.A. in Puppet Theatre Stage Design. Her graduation project was stage design for the play A Boat Full of Tales produced by the Rivne Academic Regional Puppet Theatre.

At present, Inessa continues her M.A. studies at Kyiv Karpenko-Karyi National University of Theatre, Cinema and Television.

Inessa Kulchytska is a true fixture of our Theatre, and her art works live on for years, both onstage and beyond.