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The Golden-horned Deer

#art #з перекладом #онлайн

Based on Dmytro Pavlychko’s writings

Do you think gold horns are a wealth or an overwhelming burden? The Golden-horned Deer wanders through the Carpathian Mountains in search of comfort from despair and loss. In terrible times of avarice, he is not alone is trying to find sincerity and true friendship. Boy Vasylko meets the splendid creature on his travels. The two bond and become best friends. Unique Carpathian folklore, the sense of freedom and power of the mountains and the human spirit will immerse you into the world of goodness, love and devotion.

Director: Serhiy Bryzhan, Honoured Arts Professional
Decorator: Inessa Kulchytska
Composer: Ostap Panchyshyn

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