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Merry Angels

#бейбі сцена 0-3
  • Duration 30min
  • Cost 200uah
  • Age 0+

Based on the eponymous book by Marichka Kryzhanivska

Somewhere in the magical world, among the picturesque clouds live little angels – the children souls. They spend their time just playing and having fun awaiting their birth on earth. But they’re interested in something very important – what’s awaiting them after they are born? One day they found a magic book that tells about the life of children on earth and became eager to experience those moments of their future life right away. So they got a new fun pastime acting out everything told in the book. After all, they can make anything they want out of the magical clouds at hand.

The participants of this interactive play are to imagine they are the angels and try to remember what had been happening to them before they were born?
Children are to catch the stars, bake, and also will be able to break the rain into drops and spread the rainbow into ribbons!

Just like in every baby shows in our theater, kids get into an exciting, aesthetic environment and have the opportunity to improve their fine motor skills and learn to tell apart colors and shapes.

We draw your attention that this baby show combines interactive entertainment with educational and developmental components. Not only are children offered a game, but also attention exercises, exploring, and observation. And our masters will make sure that everything is going in a fun and inspiring way!

The play is aimed at children aged under 3 years. If your children are over 3 years old, we recommend visiting our other performances designed for the appropriate age or family viewing.

Directed by Ulyana Moroz
Artist – Elyzaveta Selytska
Composers – Levko Durko and Zoryana Gural

Adult and children tickets must be purchased separately
Please come to the show on time.

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