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Dawn Tango

#art #доросла сцена 16+
  • Duration 150min
  • Cost 150-350uah
  • Age 16+

An epic fantasy based on Yuri Vynnychuk’s novel «Tango of Death».
To the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence restoration.

Interwar Lviv. The big town lives, dies, loves, quarrels, sings, and four young friends – a Ukrainian, a Pole, a Jew, and a German – seek their place in this multicultural universe. Orest Barbarika is fascinated by the theme of death since childhood. He has the experience of his parents’ generations before his eyes, who during the Great War gave their lives for… But what for? That is what Orest is trying to figure out.
And here comes 1939. A new cataclysm is coming to the city. Now the younger generation must make their choice. The story of their choice, their Feat, and their lives is now long gone. But we still can remember everything thanks to the magical melody by Milker the violinist and keep the fallen heroes from the abyss of oblivion. The play features both actors and puppets.

Authors of the play:

Directed by Ulyana Moroz and Yana Tytarenko
Stage adaptation – Valentyna Tuzhyna
Art design – Inessa Kulchytska
Music – Dmitry Mykytyn, Sergey Gavrilyuk
Plastic solution – Kateryna Pogoryelova, Yuliya Skyba
Lighting design – Borys Degtyaryov
Engineering of scenery design – Yan Galas

The age requirement: 16+

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Schedule of the performance

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Schedule of the performance